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EMDR Volunteers Needed for Westchester Trauma Recovery Network



We are receiving requests from hospitals, fire companies, police departments, EMT Units, and funeral homes to provide crisis support for their front line staff during the pandemic.

Westchester Trauma Recovery Network, an affiliate of the worldwide EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Project is in immediate need of EMDR trained clinicians to volunteer to provide trauma support to Westchester County’s front line medical staff and first responders. Their tireless work since the start of the pandemic is taking a heavy toll on them and their families, and increasing numbers of them are dealing with the effects of secondary trauma and PTSD.

We are asking all EMDR trained clinicians to step up and help the helpers. They have not hesitated to help in the fight against COVID-19 and we truly hope you won’t hesitate to support them now. Volunteering your time and trauma expertise to those on the front lines in this pandemic is the best way to pay it forward. It’s the least we can do. EMDR therapists are perfectly trained to treat the mental health crisis our community is facing. Please lend us your support. Your EMDR skills are needed NOW.

To become a volunteer member of the Westchester Trauma Recovery Network, you need to have completed Basic EMDR training, Parts 1&2. You do NOT need to be certified. You do NOT need to be R-Tep trained. If you feel your EMDR skills are rusty, if you’re unsure about offering EMDR online, or if you’ve never worked with first responders before, NOT a problem. We will work with you and we have an EMDR Consultant available to all volunteers to support their work.

As a volunteer, you will be required to provide 6 pro bono Virtual EMDR sessions to Westchester County first responders and medical staff in need of post trauma support. All treatment is completed online. If you are EMDR trained, we need you right away. Please don’t wait, contact us today.

All inquires should be directed to Patricia Fitzpatrick, Coordinator of the Westchester Trauma Recovery Network

Call NOW at 914-775-8446 or 914-523-1473

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